Teamsters Local 166

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Mike Bergen


Our goal is a user-friendly, interesting web site full of valuable information, easily available to assist our members, both on and off the job. Not only for you to find great resources and important information about the rights and protections you enjoy as a member of Teamsters Union Local 166, but also learn about your Union and the officers who serve and lead the membership.

Since the introduction of the site, we are continuing  to achieve our goal. The popularity and use by members and others can be measured by the number of hits from visitors that continue to visit Teamsters Union Local 166 on-line and send us their comments, questions and compliments.

Remember, this is your web site. Any suggestions you have are always welcome. Tell us your thoughts and opinions - this is your web site! What is most important to you about is also important to us! Let us hear from you with your comments and suggestions and send us your favorite links.

Most of all, have fun!

Mike Bergen