Construction Teamsters Training and Upgrading Fund of Southern California


Training in Commercial Drivers license, Water pull, Water Tanker, Rock Truck, End Dump, Dump Truck, and Hazardous Materials.




Training School Objective

The purpose of the Construction Teamsters Training School is to provide Quality Training to our construction members, so as they will be highly qualified to perform there jobs that teamster contractors expect of them.



 Boom Class



Off Road Training


The training school is now offering off road training in Rock Truck, Water Truck, Dump Truck, and End Dump.

The new training site is up and running at the Pomona Fairplex. If you wish to receive training please submit an application with your local business agent.



Also offered by the training school is a range of Hazardous Materials courses.

                        These courses include:

                                                40 Hrs. Hazardous Waste Workers Training

                                                8 Hrs. Hazardous waste Workers Refresher Training

                                                16 Hrs. Operation level Haz-mat emergency response.

                                                8 Hrs. Drivers Hazardous Materials and Security awareness Training

                                                10 Hrs. OSHA Construction Safety course

Please contact us for class location and dates that are available



Haz-Mat courses are completely mobile; we will come to you and give training. Because the Haz-mat training is part of a federal grant. All training is free of charge and available to any one wishing or needing the training. Call the Number below and ask for Frank, Richard.


If Interested in Training


As we are a training trust we provide training to construction teamsters members from these Teamsters Locals: 166, 986, 848, 381, 87, and 186.

If you are a construction member of one of these locals and wish training. Contact your business agent for an application. They will forward the application to us and we will contact you with available dates.

            If you have any other questions please contact:

 Andy Nichols, Lead instructor

Construction Teamsters Training and Upgrading Fund of Southern California

15732 Slover Avenue

Fontana, CA. 92337

Phone: (909) 349-0565

Fax: (909) 349-0567