Teamsters Local 166

Business Representative



Robert Stanley

April Report

In El Centro Granite had started the Brawley By Pass this will be a 19 month project and will need a few members.  Reyes Construction has picked up a job at the El Centro Naval Base there is one member now and will need a few more before long.  Scarsella Brothers was awarded the railroad job from Indio to Glamis about 120 miles they are out of Washington state and are union there so we are in contact with them to work out the details.  The Blythe Solar job has been awarded limited funding and should start around September.   Old Castle and Olsen Precast have been keeping busy.  Vulcan material seems to have picked up some,  Matich is keeping steady. 


Members on the out of work list donít forget to call on the first working day of each month to keep your spot.


Robert Stanley

Business Rep.